Yes, hostas are adaptable and hardy and are a great choice for container planting. Take care that the pot is not too large as this can lead to overly wet or overly dry soil conditions. For best growth there should be no more than 2-3 inches (5-7cm) between the outside wall of the pot and the outmost roots of the plant. Small hostas in particular are extremely popular in container gardening this year. The most important factor in container gardening is drainage. Extra holes may be drilled into the bottom of the pot keeping them open for drainage. Adding a layer of gravel or stones to the bottom of the container does not improve drainage: instead it decreases the amount of soil and root growing space in the pot. A fast draining soil mix assures good drainage. Do not use normal topsoil or garden soil for pot planting. Their drainage abilities are different and may cause a lot of damage if used in a container above ground.

Hostas in containers require more frequent watering than those grown directly in the ground. During hot and dry weather plants may require watering every other day or even daily. When watering, make sure that you see water dripping out of the pot. This ensures a thorough soaking of the root system. Frequent light watering promotes shallow root growth resulting in the plant being susceptible to drought.