Jerrys, Honey, Bees & Berries

The healing power of honey has been recorded through the ages. Documents reveal that ancient Egyptian physicians called honey the universal healer.

Hippocrates (460-370 B.C.), who many consider the father of medicine, used bee pollen and propolis to treat many of the common illness of his time.

Our 100% pure unpasteurized honey is harvested directly from our hives and has no additives. We tell our customers that our honey is the best!! And they agree. The nectar is gathered from our three acres of raspberries and other wildflowers, giving it a unique taste that honey lovers cannot get enough of.

Not only does our honey taste amazing, but it is a nourishing and healing product you can feel good about eating and feeding to your family. It is tended to by our local beekeeper, Josip, and your purchase supports both his ongoing work and our small family farm. Read Josip’s story.

Welcome to Lotsa Hostas where you can choose from a large selection of hardy field-grown plants for your garden.

At Lotsa Hostas, discover the diverse world of hostas. Our speciality is low, to no maintenance perennial plants. We have a wide selection of beautiful hostas and perennial plants at our family farm. My passion for hostas developed as I searched for alternatives to annuals and found these gorgeous, shade-tolerant perennials. Hostas are exquisite plants, grown primarily for their beautiful foliage. The possibilities are endless and the choices include a multiplicity of vibrant hues and textures, shapes and sizes. If you are looking for a one-stop hosta and perennial shop with unmatched selection and variety, Lotsa Hostas in the place to be!

Hours of Operation:

Closed for the season.

On-The-Farm Experiences & Workshops:

Visitors looking for on-the-farm experiences will find plenty of opportunities at Lotsa Hostas. From in-house workshops to farm tours and on-the-farm photo shoots. Enjoy all of these and more at our family farm.

” Take a relaxing drive out to the country, leave your stress behind, and amble through the gardens to view our beautiful collection of mature hosta plants.

Glenda Bargeman –