Subscription Bouquet/Cut Flowers Frequently Asked Questions

What does this mean?

Purchasing a subscription gives you a number of bouquets for a set price. These seasonal flowers will bring beauty to your home. Flowers are known to lift the mood and bring enjoyment. As our customer you will receive the best of our blooms, grown for you here at the farm.

Can I give this as a gift?

You certainly can. Few gifts bring pleasure like fresh cut flowers. The sight, scent, and color of the bouquet will bring a big smile to your loved one’s face. Your thoughtful gift will be spread over a period of time with returning fond memories. Just fill out the information at checkout in the “Gift Bouquets” box and we will look after the rest.

How does it actually work?

You will be notified that we have received your order. There are two ways to obtain your bouquet. The bouquet can be picked up here at the farm or it can be delivered. As we get closer to the flower season you will be notified which day has been scheduled for pick up or delivery. Delivered flowers will be dropped off at your address of choice.

When does the Subscription start?

That is entirely up to Mother Nature. We may have a warm or cold spring which will move the season forward or backwards. I should be able to tell approximately within a week when the first blooms will arrive. The early spring blooms may be a little unregulated in delivery due to the weather fluctuations.

Conflict in Schedules

Bouquet pickups are only available on the day and time slot they are scheduled. They are prepared and made ready for you for that day. If you forget to pick up your flowers they will be gifted to the hospital or local long-term care facility. If you are unable to come, please send someone else in your place. We cannot change your dates if you are away or on vacation. Please think about gifting your bouquet to a friend or anyone else during that time. They will think you are the best. I know they will love you for it and you will have brought a ray of
sunshine to their day.

How do I care for my Flowers?

Your flowers will do OK being out of water for about 30 minutes. If you are traveling bring a cup of water along for longer vase life. Each flower variety has a different vase life. Lisianthus and ranunculus can last from 12 – 14 days. Dahlias, the star of the show, will last 3-5 days. A flower food package will come along with your bouquet. Keep your vase water clean.