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Come to the farm to cut and arrange your own flower bouquets.

Come to Lotsa Hostas Flower Farm to relax and recharge. Walk amongst the flowers, cut your own bouquet and feel the week’s tension and stress fade away. We know what it’s like to be doing a one hundred yard dash all day long! We want to share the peace and tranquility of our farm with you.

The flower field is only open to those who purchased their tickets in advance.

The fields will only be open at set times and the number of tickets sold will be limited.

Book your slot and enjoy a girl’s get together. Or how about reconnecting with family in the flower fields while everyone picks their own bouquet? What a great experience!

When planning your outing please keep the following points in mind:

The U-pick time frame will be two hours. If you have time to spare after picking your bouquet, feel free to explore and enjoy our display gardens. There are plenty of sitting areas for your comfort.

The U-pick field is only open to those with pre-purchased tickets so please bring your receipt.

A flower jar will be provided along with scissors.

No previous experience of u-pick flowers is required. We will give you instructions when you arrive.

Remember, you are on a farm, so please bring appropriate foot wear and field gear.

Finally, we also grow our flowers for our honeybees. There will be bees, mosquitos, spiders and other bugs in and around the flowers, so be prepared.

This is a working farm as well as being our personal property. We are thrilled to share it with you and we ask that you be respectful. Thank you.

Book a Timeslot

U-pick experience:

The Farm is located at 27 Orkney Road (not Orkney Drive) that is in Hamilton.​

Open to ticket purchasers ONLY. We hope to have the U-pick fields open in July, August and September. A schedule will be posted as we get closer to the date. Looking forward to having you all come out to the farm and thank you for your patience.