The options are endless; individual collections, borders, island beds, focusing on colour, form, mass and texture. Hostas work well with a large range of perennials and annuals. Adding other plants to your hosta beds increases the interest in your garden through diversity. The most popular mix includes spring bulbs and native woodland plants. Snowdrops and crocuses flower while hostas are still dormant. Tulips and daffodils begin flowering just as hosta foliage is emerging. As the hostas grow, they cover the spring bulb foliage. For summer interest, shade-loving annuals such as coleus, impatiens and begonias complement the hosta hues. Since ferns have the same growing requirements as do hostas, they do well together. Their delicate texture is a striking contrast to hostas while tiarellas, ornamental ginger and ajuga make a great ground cover between the plants. Hostas are versatile; there is a hosta for nearly every landscape area.