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Name Price Size Description
Waterslide $22.00 M Wavy, ruffled leaves with a heavy substance. The blue, rippled leaves look like water splashing in the shade garden, and hold their blue colour well into the summer season.
Wheee! $20.00 M Comes up in the spring, with the most amazing curly and twisty shoots and then, with its leaves out, continues to curl and twist.
Whirlwind $9.00 M classic, thick substance, colorful foliage, great growth rate
Whiskey Sour $15.00 M Wide mound of shiny, gold leaves.
Winter Snow $20.00 Giant Sport of 'Sum and Substance' huge rounded, thick, leaves that are chartreuse turning green with an attractive creamy margin.
Wishing Well $18.00 L Itís prized for holding its beautiful blue color long into the season, even when planted in 2/3 day of sun.
Woodland Elf $15.00 Mini A good grower that forms a tight, neat mound a couple of inches tall. Medium green leaves with a cream to white edge.
World Cup $20.00 L Very upright with gold round leaves that are extremely cupped and held horizontally.
Worldly Treasure $15.00 M rich green color, attractive cupping, and a good growth rate
Wrinkle in Time $22.00 S Unusual plant with upright and somewhat folded leaves, which are grey-green in color and have a yellow border.

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