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Name Price Size Description
Sagae $12.00 L its large, vaseshaped mound habit makes it the ideal background or specimen plant
Salute $8.00 M green foliage is arranged in a fairly upright manner
School Mouse $24.00 Mini A sport of ‘Church Mouse” with a clearly defined yellow margin.
Secret Love $17.00 S intense bluegreen, heart shaped leaves emerge in spring with light yellow margins that brighten to white
Sharp Dressed Man $25.00 M Thick tricolored leaves with white centers and wide green margins, excellent substance.
Shazaam $12.00 M Creamy yellow margin with dark green centre foliage. An upright mound.
Sizzle $18.00 Mini Very long narrow yellow leaves with tight ripples that run from the base of the petioles, to the tip of the leaf, and has a striking green border that accentuates the rippling.
Sleeping Beauty $14.00 M a sport of 'Halcyon', thick pointed, frosty bluegreen leaves, superb grower.
Smiley Face $19.00 S A tight mound of thick, round yellow leaves with pink petioles and pink scapes. Rich reddishpurple flowers.
Snake Eyes $20.00 M A sport of ‘Striptease’ with a very prominent white line between the border and the centre. This one really stands out.
Sparkler $18.00 Mini developes into a mini clump of slender leaves of good substance, with a very narrow, creamy white and wide, dark, green margins
Spartan Glory $15.00 L semiupright mound, shiny foliage, heavily corrugated, slightly cupped, thick substance
Spartacus $15.00 L dark green center with a narrow yellow border
Spinach Souffle $18.00 M round, rich green leaves with a very bright 2" gold margin
Stained Glass $12.00 M the bright gold leaf center, outshines just about any other hosta cultivar
Stargate $25.00 L Green leaves with yellow and green streaks and mottled areas throughout
Striptease $12.00 M gold center with wide green margins, white line between center and margin
Sugar and Spice $14.00 M dark green leaf with creamy to gold margin, very shiny, tolerates sun
Sugar Plum $32.00 M Upright frostygreen leaves with rich purple petioles and bright white leaf backs.
Sum it Up $15.00 L Green centre, gold margined.
Summer Serenade $20.00 M Leaves have good substance and are a rich yellow-gold, surrounded by an impressive green border. Margin is ruffled and clump will be topped with near while flowers.
Summer Squall $19.00 M Rich blue leaves that are heavily folded.
Sum and Subtle $15.00 L differs from 'Sum and Substance' by its very narrow chartreuse to medium green margin
Sum CupofJoe $15.00 M chartreuse center with a very narrow, white margin, coloring unusual and distinct
Sum of All $15.00 G huge green leaves with a wide gold margin
Sweet Home Chicago $10.00 M A fast growing, low mounding clump, with gold centred green margin leaves.
Tears of Joy $15.00 Mini Very small long greens leaves that are ruffled and folded. Makes a very tight upright mound.
Teatime $15.00 M ovate shaped leaves, with thick substance.
The Leading Edge $12.00 L An upright mound of foliage this is heavily rippled, green centred, and greenish yellow along the margin.
Thunderbolt $15.00 L Striking leaves that are blue-green with a narrow yellow to creamy white centre, stands out.
Titanic $15.00 V/L sport of 'Sum and Substance' has gold margined leaves
Touch of Class $15.00 M sport of 'June' has thicker foliage and a wider margin, impressive specimen
Tropicana $15.00 M Bright white margins surround a light green leaf center – a different look.
Twilight $8.00 M wide gold margin, good substance, leaf has a longer, more distinct tip
Twist of Lime $10.00 M sport of 'Lemon Lime' leaf blade narrow, slightly wavy, smooth textured

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