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Name Price Size Description
Rainbow's End $16.00 M striking, contrast between leaf center and narrow margin is vivid and attractive
Rainforest Sunrise $17.00 S Thr rounded, florescent, golden leaf is encircled by a dramatic dark green border, cupped and heavily puckered.
Rascal $12.00 L gold center with a chartreuse margin, leaf slightly wavy, moderately corrugated
Raspberry Sundae $25.00 M Raspberry red petioles and bud on this green leafed and white centred hosta, very striking.
Regal Splendor $10.00 L spectacular, vaseshaped mound of bluegray centered foliage
Remember Me $17.00 S a sport of 'June'. Leaves emerge yellow with a narrow, dark bluegreen margin, center brightens to cream.
Rhinestone Cowboy $15.00 M Leaves are heavily rippled and of thick substance, chartreuse-centred with a creamy white margin, near white fowers.
Ripple Effect $24.00 M unique sport of 'June' with long , narrow, wavy, golden yellow leaves. Very narrow bluegreen margin.
Risky Business $15.00 M differs from 'Striptease' in having a pure white, rather than gold, center
Rootin Tootin $15.00 M 2" wide greenmargin with a creamy yellow to white center

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