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Name Price Size Description
Ocean Isle $18.00 L attractively rippled gold margin, wide, excellent contrast to dark green center
Old Glory $12.00 L dark green margin, makes an excellent specimen for the shade garden
Olive Bailey Langdon $12.00 L green centered, gold margined foliage, thick substance
Orange Marmalade $18.00 M A bright gold-orange centre with dark green margins, different.
Orange Star $20.00 M Sport of ‘June Fever’ and likes the sun! In morning sun the leaf centers will be orange in the spring and fade to cream later in the season.
Paradigm $12.00 L leaf heavily corrugated, and wavy, center does not burn, tolerates sun
Parhelion $12.00 L sport of 'Sum and Subtance', the narrow white margins set off the gold leaf center very nicely.
Patriot $8.00 L the most popular whitemargined hosta for landscaping purposes
Paul's Glory $9.00 L a classic hosta, makes a tremendous specimen plant in the garden
Pie a la Mode $18.00 L It emerges in the spring with a thick rich yellow border and a dark green centre, great contrast and attractive.
Pilgrim $10.00 S Creamy margined foliage, leaf margin changes from yellow to creamy white during the growing season, medium green centres.
Pineapple Upsidedown Cake $12.00 M all green in spring, changing to attractive gold center, with rippled green margin
Pistache $22.00 M sport of 'Spilt Milk' leaves are a misted combination of several colors of green, surrounded by a bluegreen border
Pizzazz $9.00 M leaf shape makes it easy to identify, bluegreen center, dense mound habit
Plug Nickel $10.00 S shiny, dark green foliage, excellent complement of 'Shiny Penny' & 'Cracker Crumbs'
Plum Pudding $30.00 M Dark green leaves with dark purple petioles.
Pocketful of Sunshine $18.00 S Grows well into a compact clump of yellow, cupped leaves with a broad green margin. A sport of ‘Rainforest Sunrise’.
Popcorn $14.00 M green, attractive corrugation, cupping, with rich colors
Praying Hands $14.00 M narrow leaf, cupped lengthwise, unusual and interesting hosta

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