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Name Price Size Description
Kaleidochrome $25.00 S Leaves streaked and mottled, green with large sections of creamy white and golden yellow.
Kiwi Full Monty $15.00 L sport of 'Striptease' gold centered leaves with a bluish green margin
Krossa Regal $7.00 V/L huge, vaseshaped mound of rich blue foliage
Lakeside Love Affair $15.00 M A white centered leaf with a wide dark green margin, slightly wavy and smooth textured.
Lakeside Paisley Print $20.00 S heartshaped leaves with very wide, wavy, green, margins. Narrow, creamy white markings in the center shoot out in a feathery pattern.
Lakeside Shore Master $15.00 L margin is wide 34", turning a shiny, dark green by midsummer, leaves ovate to broadly ovate.
Lakeside Tee ki $15.00 S Wavy foliage of chartreuse leaves, with a creamywhite margin.
Laura Lanier $14.00 M goldcentered mound with pale, greenmargined foliage
Leather and Lace $38.00 S Unique and beautiful, this small blue hosta has a creamy border and forms a tight pinwheel.
Lemon Lime $6.00 M dense mound of greenish gold foliage, which brightens with more direct light
Liberty $15.00 L A show stopper, wide creamy margins, vase shaped mound, leaves bluish to dark green centres
Light Everlasting $20.00 S Wide, white margined leaves with good substance showy.
Lime Smoothie $15.00 M medium to dark green center, greenish, yellow margin
Limey Lisa $12.00 Mini Ruffled, almost round, cupped lime green leaves that spiral out from clump centre.
Love Pat $10.00 M Thick blue leaves that are quilted and become cupped with maturity.
Loyalist $12.00 M slow grower, leaf center changing from creamy yellow to white
Luna Moth $18.00 M dark green, heartshaped leaves of thick substance. Wide, light green margins brighten to yellow in summer.

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