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Name Price Size Description
Earth Angel $15.00 L impressive mound of bluegreen centre and yellow margin
Easy To Love $19.00 S Bluegreen leaves with a striking whitemargined variegation.
Edge Of Night $12.00 M Dark green foliage, slightly cupped leaves.
Elbridge Gerry $18.00 M Green centre leaf, with a wide gold margin, thick substance.
Elegans $14.00 L A large mound of blue-green leaves, heart shaped, thick textured, and heavily corrugated. Flowers are almost white, AKA - elephant ears.
Emerald Charger $18.00 M gold center with a 2" wide, bright green margin, sport of 'Stained Glass'
Emerald Tiara $10.00 M Reverse sport of 'Golden Tiara'. Fast growing dense mound of gold-centered, green margined foliage with purple flowers.
Eternal Flame $15.00 S Dark green margin, with a creamy white center that stays white.
Evening Blush $38.00 M Great new blue with purple petioles and fantastic purple flowers
Eye Declare $14.00 M nice medium sized mound with pale lavender flowers
Fan Dance $15.00 M much admired for its vivid, goldcentered foliage
Fantasy Island $15.00 S White centred leaves with a wide green margin.
First Blush $65.00 S Red petioles extending into the leaf blade, also with a thin red margin around the leaf. In spring the leaf between the veins will start to “blush” red from the tip of the leaf down to the base.
First Frost $14.00 M green and yellow combination very striking in the spring
First Love $24.00 L A reverse sport of montana ‘Aureomarginata’ and will grow into a beautiful clump of shiny, yellow-centred leaves with a green border.
First Mate $14.00 M narrow elliptic leaves, vivid foliage colors with good substance
Fragrant Bouquet $10.00 L Large chartreuse-green leaves with a creamy-yellow edging, and very fragrant near white flowers.
Frances Williams $9.00 L Corrugated, blue-green leaves with gold margins and white flowers.
Frisian Pride $25.00 M Long yellowgold leaves reach upwards, outward and back down, creating a dense mound. The edges of the leaves are rippled from the petioles down to the long pointed tip.
Frisian Waving Steel $25.00 M Extremely thick bluegreen leaves with a very rippled margin. The leaves layer on top of each other, creating a tight mound.
Frosted Dimples $15.00 M Blue-green leaves with an irregular yellow changing to creamy-while margin.
Frosted Jade $12.00 L wide mound of whitemargined, greencentered foliage that is slightly rippled
Frosted Mouse Ears $15.00 S excellent for rock gardens and troughs
Frozen Margarita $15.00 L white margin with a medium gold center

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