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Name Price Size Description
Abiqua Drinking Gourd $15.00 L deeply cupped leaves with a thick substance
Abiqua Moonbeam $10.00 M leaf blade oblong orate with a wide gold margin
Alex Summers $12.00 L very striking with contrast between leaf margin and centre
Allan P. McConnel $8.00 S Small dark green leaves are thinly edged in white, the dark puple flowers attract humming birds.
Allegan Fog $12.00 M leaves white with green speckles and streaks in centre
All that Jazz $15.00 L semiupright mound of foliage that is yellowmargined with a shiny dark green center
Ambrosia $25.00 L Waxy, blue leaves with a light yellow centre, ‘Guacamole’ sport.
American Halo $14.00 L wide greenish yellow margin, heavily corrugated, thick substance
Angel Falls $22.00 L A variegated sport of solid green 'Niagara Falls' and a reverse variegation of 'Bridal Falls'. Forms an attractive mound of cascading green leaves with beautiful while centers.
Ann Kulpa $14.00 M Leaf center emerges yellow but changes to creamy white and is surrounded by a wide dark green margin.
Appletini $15.00 S Showy, bright yellow, heartshaped leaves that have a good substance.
Atlantis $15.00 M sport of Abba Dabba Do, but differs with its wider gold margin, darker green centre and thicker substance
Autumn Frost $20.00 M sport of 'First Frost' with extra wide margins. Blue leaves have bright yellow margins that lighten to creamy white in summer
Baby Booties $20.00 Mini Heart shaped green leaves are irregularly edged with white. Some leaves have very narrow margins, others have wide streaky margins.
Big Daddy $12.00 L Chalky-blue leaves are rounded, cupped and puckered at maturity, compact growing habit, looks great with gold plants.
Black Hills $9.00 L great for its shiny dark green foliage, good substance
Blue Angel $12.00 VL a large stand out specimen plant
Blue Ivory $16.00 M sport of 'Halcyon' has white margins and blue centre
Blue Jay $15.00 S This hostas forms a small mound of intensely blue foliage that holds it waxy blue color for a long time through the season. Makes an excellent accent along the border with other samll plants.
Blue Mouse Ears $12.00 S as its named, cute tiny cupped blue leaves
Brass Ring $18.00 M attactive hosta, yellow margins jet towards the green center of each beautifully variegated leaf. Good substance.
Brentwood Blues $15.00 S A wonderful little sport of 'Rhythm and Blues', it has a bright white border on blue-green leaves.
Brother Stefan $22.00 L excellent combination of striking variegation and mound size

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